With the award-winning MET to Hollard rebrand successfully executed in 2016 we found ourselves asking, “what’s next for Hollard?”

It was now 2018, and the brand’s relevance in the insurance space was quickly fading. During that two-year lull, the lack of communication from the brand led to it being referred to as Holland, Holaaaard or other incorrect interpretations by Ghanaians.

Our task was clear. Re-tell the Hollard Insurance story in a differentiating, lighthearted and memorable way befitting the brand personality, so that it engages consumers and encourages them the sign up for a policy.

We needed to confirm our instincts about consumers not knowing who, or what, Hollard was. So our strategy involved extensive consumer interviews to explore how well known Hollard was, and to uncover insurance purchasing decisions. We also worked very closely with our client, to dissect their competitor communications. We found that most insurance communications in the Ghanaian industry focused on the accident or loss instead of the ability of insurance to bring relief. This then led us to express the brand in a very different and unconventional way, which immediately made Hollard more friendly and approachable.

We used radio, billboard, and social media to successfully get this across, and to ensure the name, Hollard, was correctly pronounced.

True to the brand, the non-corporate illustration style we employed is immediately recognizable, memorable, fresh and inviting. The success of this campaign became a foundation of the launch of their life insurance brand, Hollard Life, which was to follow shortly in a few months.