Queens love the creamy taste of Baileys. They have every reason to. Over the years, the Baileys brand has grown to a prestigious status in Ghana due to partnerships with influential women in Ghana such as Joselyn Dumas and Jessica Opare Saforo. Causing consumers to fall in love and heads turning, Baileys has successfully carved for itself a prestigious perception within the minds and mouths of its consumers.

In 2017, Baileys set out to celebrate the first Queens in our lives; Mothers. We were tasked by Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited to develop a print advertisement, which would celebrate Mothers on Mother’s Day, and make us all fall in love with our Queens all over again.

Celebrating Mums

From the birth of the project, we employed our research team to interrogate that maternal motivation of all Mothers. We unearthed that the most important thing to every Mother “is for her children to succeed in all aspects of their lives”

This thought inspired an array of visual executions, but eventually, we decided on the most distinctive and affectionate option; showing Mother and child toasting to a moment of success.

The award-winning advert featured beautifully in newspapers on Mother’s Day and inspired conversations across Ghana. Its distinctive look left a sweet memory in the minds of consumers and our Queens took their rightful place, back on their thrones.