If you’ve heard a pin drop, you’ve probably been a resident at Stone Lodge. Such a serene and beautifully unique destination resort, set in acres of greenery in the countryside.
Hush…you truly need to experience it yourself. It is perfect for the city-dweller who wishes to escape the confines, noise, and congestion of the city. True to its nature, Stone Lodge hadn’t previously embarked on any marketing to drive occupancy. We managed to convince them to shout about themselves, and to take advantage of the potential visitor demand for their rooms during the 2016 Christmas season.

The Perfect Hideout

Together with the management of Stone Lodge we decided the print media would be great for this little project. Our strategic and creative team decided to escape the chaotic (but very organized) confines of our office. We needed to explore the quietest place in our minds to deliberate on the single most disruptive image that best defines the Stone Lodge proposition, and make the execution Brutally Simplistic! The turtle is arguably the world’s most intriguing, fascinating and privately mysterious creature. We played on these characteristics to present exactly what Stone Lodge offers its consumers who do not wish to be disturbed when vacating.

When all is said and done…Just one placement in the newspaper and we were hit by a tidal wave of accolades and fully booked rooms throughout the Christmas period! One placement won Gold Award for Print in the Hospitality industry. One placement won Platinum Award for Best Print Advert of the Year 2016! One placement got people filling every room available at Stone Lodge!
One placement and the ReZultz were unbelievable!