How do you introduce a regional African insurance giant, to new uncharted territory…?

That was the challenge for the powerful South African insurance brand, Hollard. Respected, well known, trusted…but in Ghana, it was the complete opposite.
Although the locally anonymous Hollard business had recently acquired a 51% stake in the very well respected MET Insurance business, it was still very unheard of amongst local Ghanaian consumers.

The challenge for us now, was to develop a campaign to marry MET’s local heritage with the regional expertise of Hollard.

During our strategic development, we unearthed the well-established, trusted and respected heritage behind MET insurance. That, combined with the knowledge and expertise of Hollard, led us to discover a solid big idea around ‘partnerships’.

With the hard work done now came the fun part, telling the story and what easier way to express a brilliant partnership than with a simple formula…1+1=3.

We employed a mix of relevant local imagery for Hollard, combined with icons symbolizing heritage for MET, to create an award-winning advertising campaign across Ghana.

In the end, we delivered a refreshing, visually distinctive advertising campaign, completely new to the Ghanaian insurance sector.

However, a new challenge lay ahead….
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