The first quarter of every year in Ghana is Insurance Season: that’s when vehicle owners renew their insurance with their insurance providers. Or switch. Not surprisingly, insurance providers become quite competitive at this time.

When Enterprise asked us to help them engage their customers, we decided our best bet was to make them feel special. So why not give them REWARDS for staying glued to our brand? Our list of customer rewards were really cool, we thought. But when we took to the streets to ask our customers’ opinions, they said NO! Luckily, they were only too happy to share what THEY would love.

So we shifted gears and put together rewards that would make every Enterprise customer feel…as we say in Ghana… ‘swollen-headed’.

A local phrase that would clearly inform our target audience about the promotion in an interesting way.

Atɔ wo line so! (It’s your time!) The campaign came to life through a mix of print communication, radio ads (including a memorable jingle) and social media. In the end, Enterprise customers got what they wanted, and Enterprise found a new way to make a difference during Insurance Season.