Every hustle and bustle comes to one simple end, to make some “Papers” in order to afford a comfortable life. “Sika y3 mogya” in the Akan language literally means Money is life; it seems to be the very essence of human existence. It simply pays the bills and get things done. The arguments, hostility and sometimes brutal fights over money are just too overwhelming and sometimes ridiculous. A little delay when depositing or cashing, sending or receiving money from someone can be very frustrating because time is of great essence. Time, they say, is money.

GhIPSS, a subsidiary of the Central Bank of Ghana set out on a mission. They had been tasked by Ghana’s Vice President to transform Ghana’s economy into a cashless, cash-lite economy. Their task was to implement and manage the nation’s first Interoperable payment system and infrastructure. If successful, this system would make transactions between the different mobile network operators more seamless and at the same time, link the individual telecommunication wallets to payment platforms like Gh-Link and E-zwich

For a fast growing economy like Ghana, this was a major revolutionary feat and a remarkable step to encouraging financial inclusion.
Right from the beginning, we knew that we were part of something big and revolutionary. Research took center stage in this; helping us establish the norms in the finance industry and how much Ghanaians knew about financial inclusion. This informed our decision to first educate the general public about the Financial Inclusion Triangle (FIT) and what it meant for Ghanaians; the results of which informed our creative direction and communication tone.
The end result was a simple, but punchy visual campaign which clearly communicated what the Interoperable payment system was to the everyday Ghanaian and stakeholders in the finance industry.