The Enterprise Group had four subsidiaries. Two of which were arguably the best-performing in their respective categories (not to mention the fact that Enterprise Insurance is the oldest insurance company in Ghana), yet the “Enterprise” brand was not established nor recognizable. This was owing to the inconsistent brand representations across the four subsidiaries. The challenge was how to leverage the Enterprise brand to power growth for each subsidiary.

We created a unified identity across the group based on the concept of the thoroughbred (which was the idea around which the initial Enterprise Life identity had been built).

The Horse Invasion

A Service Revolution

The launch of the new identity was a massive success. Scheduled to take place on June 4th, a day that marks one of the historical military revolutions in Ghana, it was bound to capture everyone’s attention. It was a “Horse Invasion”, with horses parading the principal streets of Accra and a reveal video in 3D at the launch event (cinema style).

A year after the rebranding, the share value of Enterprise Group increased by 291%. Today, Enterprise is recognized as one of the strongest brands in Ghana, and each subsidiary, a leader in it’s respective industry.