Who doesn’t love a good day at the mall?

So much to eat, watch, shop and experience.

When it launched in Accra ten years ago, A&C Mall was the first, privately owned, mixed use mall of its kind. But times had changed, competition had increased from other malls, and A&C needed to remind Ghana that it was still relevant.

When we started to shop for ideas, we quickly realised that people go to the mall for experiences beyond just purchases. Every customer has their unique needs, likes, and passions. A family of unique individuals with different characteristics. And everyone can find what they need at A&C Mall.

So, we decided to simply tell their story in a compelling way.

First, we grouped and named all the possibilities at the A&C Mall: shopping, food, fitness, finance, kids play are and more. And then, we represented each group with a relatable character, which we expressed on billboards placed at vantage locations across the city.

The reZultz? An unprecedented increase in footfall and a growth in new shopping outlets at the A&C Mall.