After 2 years of hitting the Ghanaian scene with a purple bang, Hollard Insurance hadn’t achieved the status of a “famous insurance brand” in Ghana. So when we were asked to introduce their sister brand, Hollard Life, to Ghanaians, we knew we needed to live up to their creative expectations of us.
What made our task even more difficult was that the industry ocean was filled with a plethora of insurance companies, all too similar in look and tone. But in the sea of sameness, was a net of opportunity; a chance to show our brand for what it really is and increase awareness and brand affinity.

After extensive conversations with consumers about their perceptions of life insurance, our approach was to switch the conversation from death, to life, and the give industry a new heartbeat. For years, life insurance communication in Ghana had a gloomy look and tone. But we were mavericks who couldn’t follow the same path. Hollard Life had a vibrant essence, personality and a refreshing tone. We just had to make it come alive through the execution, and show Ghanaians that life insurance should celebrate life. We did this through the positioning “Because Life Is…”

In our execution, we enlisted our partner agencies Touchpoint Magna Carta and Interactive Digital to host the launch event, and rollout the digital campaign respectfully.
The result is a new, living and breathing life insurance brand, which reassures the heart of consumers in Ghana.